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    Gordon Hayward Frustrated with Celtics Production

    Marc D'Amico joins Adam Kaufman to discuss Gordon Hayward behind the scenes


    You can define the Boston Celtics season so far with one phrase: up-and-down. Marc D’Amico and Adam Kaufman get together on this week’s show to discuss exactly that. Look at the entire lineup. Who are the most consistent players? Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris, and lately Jayson Tatum. Both Marc and Adam agree that Boston currently lacks identity.

    Gordon Hayward is noticeably frustrated with his play on the court. He isn’t as crisp as he once was defensively. The playmaking is still there, but there’s a lack of explosion.His shooting has come around a little bit, but the old Gordon was more reliable. Adam asked Marc if Hayward seemed dejected off the court and in practice. Marc affirmed Gordon is still upbeat despite his current struggles.

    Another player that was struggling until recently is Jaylen Brown. Jaylen was exceptional during the first round of the playoffs against the Bucks. He battled through an injury against the Sixers and Cavaliers. This year Jaylen is dealing with injuries and has struggled adapting to his role. Since moving to the bench Jaylen’s production has risen slightly. But the Celtics need him to be consistent to have a chance to make an impact NBA playoffs.

    Furthermore, part of the C’s newest problem is the absence of Aron Baynes. Baynes provides Boston an intimidating rim protecter and someone who can gobble up rebounds. Adam is a longtime proponent of Baynes’ roster spot on the team. There is no one on the team that really offers what he does. Robert Williams could be there some day, but he’s a green rookie who’s focused on trying to mold himself.

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