Have You Seen Paddington? You Need To. Now. (Podcast)


    Paddington is a must see movie.

    The episode today is a full hour of Paddington. And not just not that, but it’s a show about how the whole episode is about Paddington. You could say that again Pete, more Paddington talk! Lots of bear puns, didn’t really know what exactly to expect other than that. This makes the guys more excited and more hype for Paddington 2!

    More Paddington talk!

    J.D. thinks that movie was amazing, with all the visuals and the stuff they do on the computer and how much it hypes up London. Pete thought it was going to be a boring kids movie. Apparently, he was ignorant because it got a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Paddington 2 has some great scenes

    Paddington has a job sweeping up the hair in a barber shop when a man comes in and demands that Paddington cuts his hair. This creates a very comical issue with the razor and some pretty bad hair cuts. Unfortunatly the man is a judge who gets his revenge on Paddington. At the end the judge looks like the guy from Alien Ant Farm (that is a throwback). Funny enough, this movie seems like Family Guy or American Dad is a strangley connected way.

    Why are people OK with a talking bear?

    Pete is very curious as to why no one says anything about a talking bear walking among everyone. Maybe this is just a normal London day? Neither of them are really sure. Also J.D. loves how Hugh Grant is the bad guy. He also wears a cravat, which seems less European than it sounds.

    Paddington goes to jail

    Yes, you read that right. Maybe it would have been a bigger hit of a movie if it was called “Paddington Goes to Prison”, but that’s a side note. The jail Paddington goes to is full of possibly the nicest inmates ever, so that’s the luck of the draw I guess.

    More Paddington talk after this!