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    Hip-Hop Hoarders w/Larry “NuFace” Compton


    This week’s guest Larry “NuFace” Compton. NuFace is known by many as the guy on Instagram who seems to have just about every classic Hip-Hop album (and the merch to match) ever! He is in the process of building out his own museum to celebrate Hip-Hop culture. In addition to sharing stories about his journey from Detroit to Atlanta, he also talks about the cool moments he has shared with some of your favorite artists.

    1:00 NuFace talks about leaving Detroit and coming to Atlanta for college (Clark Atlanta University). Like so many others, Freaknik was a big reason why wound up there. He also talks about how his father influenced him as an artist. NuFace then reveals that he fell into collecting things via neighborhood friends going away to jail and their parents giving him their toys because they knew “he’d take care of them.”

    5:30 NuFace actually remembers the first things he collected. Salt-N-Pepa, 2 Live Crew, Too $hort and Dr. Dre got him started. Mainly because of the explicit album covers and content and the attention it drew. He also credits his mother for not throwing his things away when he left for school.

    9:45 NuFace talks about how he began forging relationships with his favorite artists by presenting them with tapes and other artifacts they don’t even have anymore. From this, he plans to open a museum celebrating Hip-Hop history.

    15:00 NuFace talks about how he takes care of all of his precious cargo. He also talks about if he thinks more people go back to buying physical copies of music and how more artists should consider producing more physical copies of their music.

    20:45 NuFace says he has a “Clark Kent shoe closet” worth of Hip-Hop collectibles when asked how much space he thinks his things will take up. He also speaks on how it’s actually hard to have company over for dinner or chill because people are always distracted by his collection and want a tour.

    24:40 NuFace talks about how people can help support his vision of building a museum. He also shares details on his upcoming A3C event.

    29:40 NuFace talks about the time he got the late Nipsey Hussle to sign his “Victory Lap” cassette and how the artist remembered him the next time he saw him.

    34:00 NuFace lists his bucket list of items he wants to add to his collection or get signed. He also shares a hilarious story about trying to get DMX to sign his “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood” album at Art Basel in Miami.
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