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    A Historical Government Shutdown

    As the days go by, we watch as employees go without pay, monuments are closed, and hundreds of thousands ask the question “Why?” The Government Shutdown, now the longest on record, has many questioning the politics of our country, but coverage of this shutdown has been one issue that Dan and Jimmy have kept a close eye on. So the question here is, is the coverage good or bad?
    0:00 Intro
    1:15 It’s a game on the playground, not politics.
    3:00 It’s easy to find a government worker who isn’t getting payed.
    5:10 Snapshots of the impact of the Government Shutdown.
    6:45 There’s so many connections to those impacted with the shutdown.
    8:30 A story from the shutdown.

    11:50 There are babies on both sides of this shutdown.

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