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    Inflation Could Be Imminent; What Should Americans Do?

    Finance experts on what to do about the coming inflation and rising rates


    President of Bannerstone Capital Management LLC, Biff Rollibard believes we’re in a state of epic change, as in e-p-o-c-h.  Rising rates and inflation could be near and not all investors, let alone the American public are aware nor ready for it.  What should they do?


    Throughout the course of world history, nothing has vice gripped a nation, let alone its investment class than inflation.

    During the 1970s in the United States, many who did not pay attention to the day-to-day aspect of the economy saw their hard-earned savings wiped out by crippling double-digit inflation.

    For the last decade, the Federal Reserve has fired up the printing presses while only just recently incrementally increased interest rates.  So the question is this: Is inflation on its way again and more importantly will Americans be prepared for such potential inflation?

    “We’re in a zone of epic (epoch) change,” said Biff Rollibard on the Jim Grant’s Interest Rate Observer podcast.

    “The long bull market in bonds has rewarded an entire subset of investments that will now find a headwind with at least rising rates, probably rising inflation.

    Rollibard continued: “I think the playbook will change a lot…The changes will be pretty obvious — there will be a lot of water over the dam.”

    Pressed by Grant himself on the podcast, Grant asked: “How should we be thinking about it? And what should we be doing about it?”

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    Biff Robillard, president and co-founder of Bannerstone Capital Management, LLC, joins the team to share his insights on the markets and investors’ state of mind.

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