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    Injuries: A Huge Setback for the Boston Celtics (Podcast)

    The Boston Celtics have been on their A game ever since the All-Star break has ended, but injuries are a huge setback in this win streak.




    The Boston Celtics have been on their A game ever since the All-Star break has ended, but injuries are a huge setback in this win streak. Kyrie Irving got a knee injury against the Pacers, Jaylen Brown goes down against Minnesota, and lastly Horford with a sickness.

    Brown’s injury after his insane monster dunk was an upset. Brown was said to have a concussion. It’s said that Brown could be out for 2 weeks which is actually more of an extended time period then what was said at first. This is a huge disadvantage for the Boston Celtics especially because of how well Brown’s playing has been. Brown has had unbelievable defense in the last few games and has continued to have a consistent shot. Although Brown does deserve a rest to heal his physically and mental attributes. His body needs to become healthy for future games and playoffs which are vastly approaching. Marcus smart became energized and ready to play after his rest so it could be helpful to Brown as well.

    Irving’s knee injury is a huge worry with playoffs around the corner. Irving is a key player and game maker in most games so him being out is a huge standstill for us . Rest will help Irving in his recovery and help him recuperate for sure. This involves bringing in some younger players to take that role in place of Irving.

    Marcus’s rest was a huge impact to his playing ability as said above. He really have shown his skills and has been a threat in the last few games especially defensively. Smart needs to receive a certain amount of minutes to harness his energy. Marcus does struggle in learning to pace himself, which he needs to work on, but with many players out he will need to continue to be playing a vast amount of minutes.

    The NCAA Tournament is approaching. Milenova ran into some tough road blocks , but Virginia seems to be able to take a spot for sure in the final four. Virginia may struggle to catch a place in the finals while Midwest has a huge chance of lasting. Kansas hasn’t been as strong in past years, but do not count them out this year. Duke could have a chance of inching ahead of Michigan state although Kanas can be a definite push against Michigan. Arizona will make it to the second weekend while Texas will most likely slip out early. Milenova has a strong back court and that seems to be the team who can follow through with the overall victory. Depending on which road each team falls into could result in some bumps in the road to the final four.

    Jayson Tatum has been called upon a little more with Irving and Brown being out. Tatum does struggle in crucial minutes and cannot always deliver when needed. Tatum does seem to be ahead of where Jaylen brown is at this time. Although with Brown and Irving being out Tatum will need to be able to take that role . Terry Rozier will need to be a playmaker. Rozier has confidence  along the three point arc which is beneficial to the Celtics scoring standpoint. Smart and Rozier will need to take starting positions with Irving and Brown being out. Horford needs to be a huge playmaker as well. He needs to be that go to guy for crucial points late in the game. Getting a win streak this week will be difficult with all the concurring injuries for this Boston team.

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