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    WHO ISNT OVERRATED or GREG (Wrestling Soup 5/3/18)

    Today Mish and Joey look forward Backlash 2018 and how Kanye West went off the deep end.


    Today Mish and Joey look forward Backlash 2018 and how Kanye West went off the deep end. Don’t forget to check out our sponsor fourhims.com and help support Wrestling Soup. Wrestling Soup customer get a trial month for five dollars fourhims.com/wrestlingsoup for your trial.  Visit wrestlingsoup.com and leave a voicemail. Make sure you follow us on twitter @wrestleingsoup @joenumbas @iamjondraper.

    We star the show talking about Kanye West and his behavior as of late. Does Kanye have some sort of social issue or possible on the spectrum. The effects of taking pills, we are not doctors but this is what we have seen (13:33.) Kim Kardashian the most self centered person on Earth (15:52.) Raw was raw but Montreal is a good crowd (18:43.) Jinder getting booed in his home country. Why is Braun Strowman saving Roman Reigns? Why is this guy who got over beating Reigns now coming out for the save? WWE is making more money than ever before and these are the people making it happen (22:13.) Stocks are higher than ever and the network are at ungodly numbers. Carmella should remove kicks from her arsenal (23:38.) Are all the people WWE wants to push botch factories? Brock Lesnar passing CM Punk’s “modern day championship” run (32:30.) Can Daniel Bryan surpass Roman Reigns on the card. Daniel Bryan is overrated (38:00.) Has AJ Styles gotten a reaction like Bryan has? Is AJ a reason you buy tickets? Is the difference between Bryan and Reigns the journey? If Harper and Strowman would have traded places during the draft would Harper be better off (48:00.) The women they are pushing are brutally awful (54:48.) Are the Iconic girls helping the LGBT cause for philanthropy? Titus O’neil’s fall was fake (62:27.) Almas is coming (70:13.) Hulk Hogan is being inducted to the Boys and Girls club hall of fame (83:25.) Gargano and Ciampa feud in NXT (84:00.) But now back to Hulk Hogan. John Cena and Nikki Bella back together again (92:37.) The women on the roster will be paid for the Greatest Royal Rumble (102:30.) Backlash 2018 predictions (109:33.)

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