It’s About Time (podcast)


    It’s Monday and people were pissed

    Typically people usually get pissed on Monday, but this issue comes from Friday. This is about the latest problem people have with Taylor Swift and people are not happy with her. Taylor Swift did a cover of the famous song ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire and she made it country. People are calling her racist and saying that the song is terrible.

    Well the song is very terrible that can not be denied. But the real issue is why people are freaking out. Taylor Swift covering a song by a black group isn’t a racist thing. This is really sad that this is still a big deal.

    Let’s blame the twitter hive mind. No one can ever cover the original song in a way that’s even remotely close to the original. That’s just a fact. The guys begin to question what is racist and what isn’t and why everyone feels like they need to apologize.

    DJ needs help. He hasn’t had a meal in two weeks. He says it’s not a dietary thing, it’s just that he goes to a lot of breweries and his work hours are all over the place. He sleeps, wakes up, eats a snack, have some bar food, go to work and sleep again.

    Pete finally sees DJ’s favorite movie ‘About Time’. Now this is an interesting time. DJ claims it’s the sweetest, most charming and delightful movie ever made. Pete points out that may not actually be the cast. He says it’s more problematic than anything. However, it does have it’s moments. ‘About Time’ is about being a hopeless romantic, basically. Minus the really creepy stuff. Pete thinks the main character is a loser.