Jay Bilas on the Hottest NCAA Off-The-Court Issues

    How the NCAA could muck things up in court


    ESPN’s Jay Bilas might be the loudest voice in favor of paying college players for his/her likeness. I can’t trace how long he’s been on this island, but it feels like longer than everyone else.

    However, Jay is also someone that understand how the NCAA can derail progress through the court systems. After all Jay DOES have a law degree.

    “The NCAA is not going to do anything until they’re mandated to do it,” said Bilas. “And whatever they do it’s going to be so strictly regulated that it’s going to be of very little consequence. I’m not holding my breath that anything is going to be done in the next three to five years.”

    Moreover, Bilas added that Congress could REALLY make things difficult. Some Senators, other government officials really want to see swift change. You saw Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few argue something similar, stating that one might push for change just to collect a few extra votes.

    “I was surprised that Congress is willing to wade into this. If I were the NCAA that would be – even though they’ve had so much success lobbying over the years and have gotten their way so many times. It seems like the tide has shifted,” commented Bilas.

    “Now everybody is looking at this saying, ‘You can’t make billions of dollars and claim this is amateur anymore. It’s not.'”

    Jay opines on other issues facing college basketball in this week’s Good ‘N Plenty with Jeff Goodman, including how the money should get divided if/when “pay-for-play” goes into effect.

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