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    Jay Duplass (Podcast)

    Jay Duplass director, author, and actor (Transparent) "Everyone I know who is having success in film right now is there because of persistence."


    Jay Duplass director, author, and actor (Transparent)

    2:52 Does everybody “bomb”?

    15:51 The jump in to writing and making movies

    20:10 No one’s first movie is great

    23:58 Eden’s dad invented the Arm Waving Tube Man!

    25:30 Jay’s belief in how success happens

    25:50 Transparent

    29:25 Inside Baseball of filmmaking

    36:00 What people like to watch

    37:15 How do you know when your baby is beautiful (The Puffy Chair)

    42:40 Watching old people watch movies

    44:10 Getting cast on Transparent

    48:48 Outside In

    51:44 Biggest lesson Jay learned

    01:01:30 Favorite Charity: https://give.thetrevorproject.org/give/63307/#!/donation/checkout?