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    Jaylen Brown’s Gamble Could Pay Off Huge for Celtics

    Young Boston wing might test restricted free agency


    Jaylen Brown is gambling on himself.

    Personally, I think it’s a smart move. I’m a big fan of Brown. His development over the years has perturbed a few, but each year he seems to carve a role out for himself to flourish. He did that two years ago in the playoffs when they needed him to score. Last season he was one of the top guys Coach Stevens could count on off the bench. He assumed a similar role for Coach Popovich for Team USA this year.

    Obviously, how he plays this year translates to dollar signs. Danny Ainge revealed on 98.5 The Sports Hub that the team has made a few offers to Jaylen Brown ahead of Monday’s deadline. During his press conference Saturday Brown offered his thoughts on a future extension:

    Full disclosure: Whenever Adam Kaufman records Celtics Beat news often breaks shortly after the episode drops. So there is a Lloyd Christmas-like chance that Brown and Boston come to some sort of agreement. However, based his history I don’t think Ainge budges on his current offer(s).

    And I agree with Ainge here.

    Reportedly, the Celtics offered Jaylen something in the neighborhood of 4-years/$80 million. That’s a fair offer. $20 million a year is nothing to sniff at. But there’s potentially a lot more money out there if Brown performs well this season. He is arguably the top free agent in this class. There will be suitors.

    On this week’s Celtics Beat Adam Kaufman sits with former Boston and National scribe Ian Thomsen. Jaylen Brown’s next contract is a big subject. Should Danny cave and give Brown the max? Listen and find out!

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