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    Steak Bourbon and Sports Ep. 14

    Jeremy, You have a Problem.

    Ari Temkin (@arisports) and Jeremy Mandel (@jeremymandel) are drinking Wildnerness Trail Rye, discussing something strange with Dak Prescott and power ranking top cuts of steak

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    1:47 It’s safe to say 2020 has been a crazy year: what will the next 6 months be like? 

    4:46 What are we drinking tonight?

    6:21 Jeremy, you have a problem. How in trouble is he?

    9:50 What is the difference between Rye and bourbon?

    11:17 Why is Dak Prescott always working out with Dez Bryant?

    14:01 Where is Jeremy, as a Dallas Cowboys fan at, with the Dak Prescott situation?

    15:50 What Tom Herman, the head football coach at Texas said about the ongoing protests.

    21:15 Jeremy completely changes his mind on the NY Strip.

    23:05 Jeremy power ranks his top 5 cuts of steak.

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    Ari Temkin

    Ari Temkin is the host of Cowboys Beat as well as Steak, Bourbon & Sports on the CLNS Media Network. Ari has covered the Dallas Cowboys for the last decade. He is currently the Dallas Cowboys pre-and-postgame host on their flagship station 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and has previously hosted broadcasts for 104.9 The Horn in Austin and for ESPN San Antonio. Ari also hosts “Big 12 This Morning” on SiriusXM Big 12 Radio Ch. 375.