Jersey Shore comes back and couples therapy (podcast)


    Jersey Shore is back!

    You read that right fans. The fabled show is back. After a long time without anything, the cast returns. DJ and Pete are beyond that the show is back and they will watch it all day long. Many other people are probably just as excited that it’s back. Someone on the show brings an emotional case that relates to the song ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons. Could this be any better for the guys. I don’t think so.

    The podcast goes to couples therapy to make themselves better for us and them. It’s not your fault, so don’t feel bad. It happens to everyone.

    Chance the rapper asks a question that seems pretty silly, but it prompts the guys to think about it seriously. The question? Well, what’s the perfect amount of friends for an adult to have? That’s a tough one isn’t it? Not as simple as you think.

    DJ buys a fancy, cool item and he’s very excited about. It turns out to be a huge disappointment. That would only happen to DJ. It’s a shame that happened to him. Let’s hope that it gets better for him. At least he has a sweet analogy game. That’s something cool to brag about. Also, how should men button their dress shirts? Is there a one certain way?

    Kids these days are insane. It started with them eating Tide Pods. We took that away and we thought that was the end. Well they discovered that they can snort condoms. This is America’s youth.

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