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    Joe Budden is Top 3 Rapper of All Time ?


    On the Playlist this week. We speak on Team USA and the lack of star power in the club. Should Celtics fans be worried they have too many of their talents playing? I know you all have seen this Top 50 rappers list floating around but if not just know someone put Joe Budden #3, Double M breaks it down. With so much Mass Shootings happening in the U.S what is your current mind state. & last on the playlist where does your relationship go after your partner rejects your marriage proposal. Tune in for all that and more!

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    Marvin Ezhan

    Marvin "DJ Meze" Ezhan is the Co-Host of the CLNS Patriots Post-Game Show. Ezhan graduated from Bridgewater State University with a degree in Communication/ Media & Technology. Born and raised in the great city of Boston, Ezhan fell in love with sports watching the likes of Antione Walker and Paul Pierce / Tom Brady & Ty Law. At a young age Ezhan knew he wanted report on sports and grew up performing spoken word pieces and public speeches. Ezhan wants to bring a fresh urban feel to an already rich cultured sports city.