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    Josh Radnor (Podcast)

    How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby


    How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby

    01:32 Born in Columbus- Went to an orthodox Jewish school but was raised conservative Jew.

    04:25 Milk and meat

    10:00 What did a young Josh want to do

    13:41 Ohio people loving Ohio State

    17:56 Robot writers

    22:06 Turning in to a writer and getting fired from a pilot

    26:01 Everything is a struggle

    28:46 What does he consider his “big break”?

    37:02 Failure and success and How I Met Your Mother

    40:41 Josh doesn’t like Jewish “money jokes”

    44:08 Transcendental Meditation

    47:40 The Den Meditation

    52:04 What is his biggest failure?

    58:30 Josh’sFavorite Charity : https://raziasrayofhope.org/donate.html

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