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    Jusse Phony? | Tatum’s Proclamation | Kap’s Settlement

    Jusse Smollett is lying? Tatum claims Celtics will win it all! What will Colin Kapaernik's next move be! Double M discusses it all


    The word of the day is “Allegedly”! These days we don’t know what’s real or fake and Jusse Smollett has a lot of explaining to do after “allegedly” faking a hate crime attack.

    (0:57) Jusse Smollett may have been lying about his hate crime attack

    (8:40) Sextapes vs Hatecrimes T-Mac is not surprised by Celebrtites motives for fame

    (12:13) How Does this impact Jusse career

    (15:49) How Will Celtics Perform in the playoffs?

    (19:20) Tatum claims Celtics will Championship

    (21:10) Is AD worth giving up Tatum?

    (29:09) Meze has another player he has his sights on, Mike reacts

    (34:50) Colin Kaepernik’s grievance with NFL is settled

    (42:45) Where should Kap play if he is to play again?