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    Just Blaze talks Quarantine, Beats and Biz


    Legendary producer Just Blaze joins Day 1 Radio for the second time to talk about what he’s been up to during quarantine. Always known as an innovator, Just has been using the downtime to tie up some loose ends as well as create some new opportunities for himself. Listen as he tells BP and Maurice about everything from the time he couldn’t tell Jay-Z “no” about a beat he gave to someone else, to the status of a project he produced with Griselda.

    :55 – Just has been about the quarantine for real, noting that he’s only left the house four times since February. He admits that while he is more fortunate than most, he has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as well. In addition to raising a two-year-old, Just and his wife own a franchise of ramen restaurants they’ve had to shut down. But fortunately, they were able to feed thousands of people with the food they had leftover, plus launch a Kickstarter to help keep people fed.

    13:30 – Here the Grammy award winning producer reveals why he started canceling shows months ago and was excited about a few projects that he promised were unexpected. He talks about how he is using the downtime to work on his branding across streaming platforms. Just also gets into his history as one of the early adopters of creating content via blogging and YouTube and how DJing during quarantine has created another source of income.

    32:30 – Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz had an epic producer battle years ago and it pretty much laid the groundwork for the Verzuz battles we’ve been watching on Instagram. He talks about being a part of that moment and seeing what it has grown into. He also talks about being asked to do one recently.

    37:34 – The NJ native is a HUGE X-Clan fan and he talks about the impact they had on him in the midst of the 30th anniversary of their album To The East Blackwards. He gets into the science behind their music and the difference between them and KRS-One in the realm of “conscious” music.

    44:36 – Just talks about the infamous “Mircacle” beat, one of his favorite beats he made, but never got placed. He says that Jeezy, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown have all had it, but could never write a song to it. He also talks about how trying to force songs to happen could lead to bigger songs not happening…like the time he made a beat for Dr. Dre but it wound up going to Usher.

    51:34 – Just talks about the time he posted his infamous “Super Freak” beat on his Myspace and how it went “viral.” He follows by telling the story of how it originally belonged to Saigon, Questlove heard the beat and told Jay-Z and then wound up becoming “Kingdom Come.”

    55:20 – Just produced Saigon’s oft-delayed The Greatest Story Never Toldalbum and he talks about how it stood out at the time and the impact it could have made if it came out as originally scheduled.

    1:02:15 – Just reveals that while he may not be in the mental space to lock in and make music with any artists right now, he would like to see the project that he and Griselda put together see the light of day soon.

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