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    Mike Nice and DJ Meze cover Double M this Week. They review Celtics/Pacers series and look forward the Bucks Matchup. Time 100 released it’s 100 most influential people of 2019 and not 1 person from the Hip Hop community was on it and Double M took offense to that. In Boward County, Florida caught on video were 2 police officers brutally beating an unarmed 15 year old African-American kid. Double Speaks on this and the power of allies and so much more TUNE IN.
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    Marvin Ezhan

    Marvin "DJ Meze" Ezhan is the Co-Host of the CLNS Patriots Post-Game Show. Ezhan graduated from Bridgewater State University with a degree in Communication/ Media & Technology. Born and raised in the great city of Boston, Ezhan fell in love with sports watching the likes of Antione Walker and Paul Pierce / Tom Brady & Ty Law. At a young age Ezhan knew he wanted report on sports and grew up performing spoken word pieces and public speeches. Ezhan wants to bring a fresh urban feel to an already rich cultured sports city.