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    Kemba Will Make Everyone Better if he Joins Celtics

    Jeff Goodman praises the former UCONN star


    The reports lead to you believe that come Sunday Kemba Walker will be the newest Boston Celtic point guard. However, let’s also point out that I’m writing this on Friday. There is a ton of time between now and the start of NBA Free Agency. Nothing is written in stone yet. It’s more like pencil at this stage.

    That being said, a lot of people are reporting Boston is in the lead for Walker’s services. After what could be constituted as a miserable offseason C’s fans could use a little cheering up. This should help in that regard.

    First, Kemba’s talent is undeniable. A three-time All Star, 3rd-Team All-NBA, Walker fills the scoring void Kyrie leaves. He’s a threat to score from anywhere on the court, both off the catch and off the dribble. He also brings something that Kyrie does not: free throws. The Celtics were notorious last year for not getting to the charity stripe. Walker’s free throw attempts would have led the Celtics last year.

    Furthermore it’s Walker’s leadership skills that has everyone so excited. Whether it’s Brad Stevens, Jim Calhoun, or Jeff Goodman (on this week’s Celtics Beat) no one has a single bad word to say about Walker’s character. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about Kyrie Irving.

    Kemba stunts Jay’s growth?

    I’m not sure if you should be concerned about it. Actually Walker could be the perfect fit for Jayson Tatum. Ideally, Tatum takes a step forward this year as the second-best scorer on the team. And when Kemba is getting ready to hand over the reigns Tatum should be more-than-ready to seize control of the Celtics.

    Despite him saying otherwise, this year was disappointing for the second-year wing. His rookie year ended on such a high it warped all of our expectations. Everyone can admit he settled for too many long two’s instead of using his length and speed to get to the basket. Even Tatum acknowledged this on a podcast with Jeff Goodman.

    Jeff and Adam Kaufman touch on everything Kemba related on this week’s Celtics Beat. Make sure you subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher. And make sure you follow Adam on Twitter here. 


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