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    The story of hoboes- the men who rode and still ride the rails, formerly in search of employment and today in search of adventure, despite the fact that trespassing on railroad property or trains in considered a crime.
    The hoboes have their own unique language and a strict code of conduct and today the town of Britt Iowa still holds an annual convention to honor them.
    Featured here:
    “Waiting for a train” Jimmie Rodgers (1928), “Big Rock Candy Mountain” Harry McClintock (1928);
    Excerpts from train hopper James Stobie’s travel videos ; “Stobie The Hobo”; “Run Out On A Rail” Seattle Train Hopping, Hobo Documentary, 1920’s (Unseen Endings).IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY YOUR REVIEWS AT APPLE/ITUNES ARE NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!
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