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    Kobe, Kicks & Hip-Hop w/ Drew L. Greer

    Sneaker God Drew Greer is this week’s guest on Day 1 Radio. In the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s death, we get him to talk about his time working directly with Kobe during his Nike days.  In other parts of the conversation, we talk about his history in the shoe and fashion game that includes being the Black product director at Ralph Lauren and 1st Black VP of product at Under Armour. Listen, laugh and learn.

    2:30 – Drew worked at NIKE for over a decade and he is the brain behind re-branding Kobe Bryant when he joined the company right before the Colorado incident, which he was acquitted of. In the days after Kobe’s untimely death, Drew talks about the climate at the time and the grassroots work that went into truly acclimating Kobe into L.A. culture and reworking his public image.

    8:00 – Branden and Drew talk about what sets Kobe apart from Michael Jordan when it comes to sharing knowledge with younger players. The discussion also leads to Kobe potentially bringing more light to the WNBA and women’s basketball globally. We also talk about why Kobe’s death is a little different from other “celebrity” deaths.
    16:30 – Drew was one of the masterminds behind Kobe’s viral commercial where he jumped over a speeding Ashton Martin. He talks about the making of the commercial and the impact it made. Also, during his time at Nike, Drew brokered the iconic Wu-Tang Dunks and Roc-A-Fella AF1. We also learn that, on the low, he is the man responsible for “retros” becoming a thing.
    28:45 – Drew talks about the good and the bad of sneaker brands getting away from sports and doing more signature sneakers with celebrities. He also speaks on how he would’ve launched Big Baller Brand.
    36:05 – Is Drew responsible for us not being able to get our favorite sneakers? Here Drew talks about the intention behind building the idea of the “limited edition” sneaker model and what it has turned into today.
    45:00 – Drew steps into the Hip Hop Trivia arena and gets tested on sports, sneakers, and Hip-Hop.
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