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    With Kyrie Gone Tatum, Hayward Should be All Stars

    Loss of Irving opens new opportunities for wing players


    Doors are opening for Jayson Tatum this upcoming season. Boston is losing 23.8 points per game, five rebounds, and seven assists per game thanks to Kyrie Irving’s departure. Add in Al Horford’s 13.6/6.2/4.2 and, well, you can figure it out. The Celtics lost a lot free agency this offseason.

    However, the world is not going to end. In fact this could be a GOOD thing.

    Obviously Kemba Walker will take a lot of the scoring load. Brad Stevens’ offense gives scoring guards a chance to shine. Isaiah Thomas and Irving experienced career years in Boston. Kemba should be no different.

    But one could make the argument that having Irving around stunted Tatum’s development a little bit. Now I wouldn’t argue this a lot. Tatum still put up points, but wasn’t really asked to take over games that much (at least not as much as he had to in the prior playoffs). Kemba’s signing hopefully won’t get in the way of Tatum’s next leap.

    Tatum and Hayward Bounce Back

    Ian Thomsen is the latest guest on Celtics Beat and he was pretty firm on his expectations for two Celtics wings this season. Specifically, Hayward, who should find more comfort on the floor this year.

    “I think he should have an All Star year,” said Thomsen. “Because, for as little as he shot last year, he did shoot the ball very well.”

    It took a while for Hayward to get going, but once the calendar turned to 2019 he got hot. Gordon shot 44 percent from three-point range in February, dipped to 32 percent in March, but finished the year shooting 40 percent from long range on 2.5 attempts.

    In addition, Gordon should end up with more playmaking opportunities. The point guard pecking order, in my view, goes like this:

    1. Kemba Walker
    2. Marcus Smart
    3. Brad Wanamaker
    4. Carsen Edwards

    You have two stable guys at the top of the list then a lot of question marks. Now neither of Wanamaker and Edwards are going to log a ton of time running the offense right out of the gate. Using Hayward as a play-making forward could give the Celtics offense a little bit of a different look.

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