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    Kyrie Irving is as Good as Gone

    Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald dishes on the potential departure of the Celtics star point guard


    I’ve been one of the most vocal “The Celtics should try and keep Kyrie Irving” camp. I believe in having basketball talent on your team. Irving is one of the most talented players in the league, albeit a frustrating one. Still, I believe in finding a way to build around talent because there are so few guys that truly matter in this league.

    However, that’s all contingent on Kyrie wanting to be a Celtic in the first place.

    “I think maybe Boston was a means to another end,” said the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy. “He wanted to get out of Cleveland so badly.”

    Rumors are flying that Irving is bookmarked for Brooklyn. The Nets just got off Allen Crabbe’s contract, potentially signaling bigger moves are on the horizon. Of course there’s still the allure of New York. The Knicks could wind up with Kyrie and it wouldn’t shock you.

    Unfortunately, the Celtics aren’t mentioned as destination as much anymore.

    That is the main topic of this week’s Celtics Beat with Adam Kaufman. Do the Celtics know what’s going on with Irving? What’s Danny’s next step if Irving bolts? Should Anthony Davis still be a priority?

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