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    Are The Lakers The Best Team In The NBA? How To Beat The Blazers And What’s Up With Kyle Kuzma?


    The Los Angeles Lakers have burst out of the gates in the 2019-2020 NBA season to an impressive 19-3 record, which has them currently tied with the Milwaukee Bucks for the best in the league. But should they be considered the favorites to win the title this season?

    On this episode of the LN Podcast, host Trevor Lane is joined by ESPN and Dodger Blue’s Greg Bergman to discuss the Lakers’ current placement in the NBA hierarchy as well as a plethora of other topics.

    Head Coach Frank Vogel has done a tremendous job at the helm despite rumors that he would be on the hot seat from day one and that assistant coach Jason Kidd would be eager to take his job as soon as possible. Instead, with the team’s incredible success and Vogel’s own savvy in-game management on full display, it would appear that he’s proven to be a place holder for no one.

    We get into the little things that Vogel has done that have made a difference for the Lakers and why he just may be the long-term fit for the team.

    Plus, the Lakers are hoping to finish their three-game road trip with a perfect record after defeating the Nuggets and Jazz, but they will have to go through the Blazers in Portland to get it done. What’s going to be the key to get the win? We dig into the stats and see not only where Portland is vulnerable, but how the Blazers can give the Lakers a run for their money as well.

    While most of the Lakers players have had excellent seasons, Kyle Kuzma has struggled. Is he the long-term fit that the Lakers have hoped he will be? And how big of a factor have his injuries and illness been on his performance? We discuss Kuzma’s potential moving forward and why, for now, it may be too early to write off a young player who clearly has talent.

    Finally, the NBA’s television ratings have slumped with the start of the new season, causing concern around the league. Is this a symptom of the NBA product being less watchable this season or is it a reflection of a larger societal push away from cable television and towards streaming services? What can the NBA do to get the most out of their revenue streams if their next TV deal is significantly less lucrative?

    All that and tons more on this jam-packed episode.

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