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    Why The Lakers Can Have A Successful Summer Despite Turmoil, Coaching Search, And LeBron James’ Role In Free Agency


    The Los Angeles Lakers are always dealing with some type of drama, but what they have endured recently is a bit much even for them. With Magic Johnson’s shocking departure combined with the apparent decision to hand the reigns over to Rob Pelinka to run the show, the Lakers have been subjected to plenty of criticism.

    Still, despite all that they have endured, the Lakers may still have a successful summer. It’s easy to look at what is happening in the front office and assume that the team is taking the wrong path, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility for them to turn things around anyway, as host Trevor Lane details on this episode of the LN Podcast.

    Most certainly would have preferred for the Lakers to cast a wide net in searching for Magic Johnson’s replacement rather than simply elevate Pelinka to a new role, but he will have an opportunity this summer to prove his doubters wrong. For all the negativity surrounding the team currently, they still have LeBron James, plenty of cap space to add another star, and exciting young talent.

    Additionally, as the Lakers search for a head coach continues, they have to weigh the pros and cons inherent with each candidate. All indications are the Ty Lue and Monty Williams are the preferred choices, but which one of them is in the lead? Or will the Lakers surprise everyone and go with someone unproven like Juwan Howard?

    Finally, while James dominates the headlines during the season, he’s going to need to play a big role this summer in recruiting free agents. With Johnson gone, the Lakers need someone in those free agent pitches in July that can sell the idea of playing winning basketball with the Lakers, and James just may be the team’s best bet.