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    Lakers Podcast: With OKC Out, Is Paul George Now Likely To Wind Up In L.A.?

    Is Paul George really going to go to the Lakers?


    The Los Angeles Lakers have more cap room than any team in the league at their disposal this summer to chase free agents. LeBron James is on top of the wish list of most teams in the league but Paul George is the star that appears to the be the most likely to wind up in Los Angeles.

    With the Oklahoma City Thunder unceremoniously eliminate in the first round of the playoffs with the Utah Jazz, LN Podcast host Trevor Lane is joined by Corey Hansford to discuss the likelihood that George returns to his Southern California roots.

    With Russell Westbrook gunning away and George struggling it would appear that the stage is set for the Lakers to land the star forward in July. However, George has been complimentary of his time in Oklahoma City and could make the decision to continue playing alongside a star in Westbrook.

    That said, some question whether or not George is worth a max contract. As a second-tier star, is he a player that the Lakers can truly build around? Does that even matter, or should the Lakers simply be happy to land a player of George’s caliber?

    Moreover, how would George fit in with this young Lakers squad? Lane and Hansford weigh in and have plenty to say about his possible role with the team.

    Additionally, we take a peek at the NBA Playoffs through a purple and gold lens. With the field down to just eight teams, who should Lakers fans be pulling for? Which teams should fans want to struggle in the hopes that it will improve Los Angeles’ position in free agency this July?

    All that and much more on this episode of the LN Podcast, just click on the player above!