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    Lakers Podcast: Paul George Staying In OKC?

    Paul George might not be a Laker after all...


    It’s a poorly kept secret that the Los Angeles Lakers would like to sign Paul George as a free agent this summer. Bringing the Southern California native home would provide an immediate boost to the team’s rebuild and likely put them back in playoff contention, while serving notice to the rest of the league that the Lakers don’t intend on staying near the bottom any longer.

    However, after being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer, there has always been a chance that George could decide to remain there playing alongside Russell Westbrook.

    On the LN News Feed, host Trevor Lane discusses the latest rumor that suggests that George will indeed stay with the Thunder for the foreseeable future.

    If George opts to stick with Oklahoma City it would trigger a domino effect that could lead the Lakers down a very different path than most expected. Who would they turn to in free agency? and what would they do with the mountain of cap space that they have carefully accumulated since the beginning of Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson’s tenure with the club?

    Plus, is the rumor even from a credible source? How much stock should we put into it? Is all of it true, part of it, or none of it?

    There is plenty to break down here in a rumor that could drastically alter the Lakers summer plans if it indeed turns out to be true. Johnson and Pelinka will have to pivot towards other options if George is no longer on the table, but with the pickings already looking slim in terms of impact free agents they may need to really get creative.

    All that and more on this episode of the LN News Feed, just click the player above!