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    What Would A Lakers Trade For Anthony Davis Look Like?


    The Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to build a contender this summer around LeBron James. After a disappointing 2018-2019 campaign that saw them miss the playoffs, the pressure is on for the Lakers’ front office to find a way back to the top. With rumors swirling that the New Orleans Pelicans may finally pull the trigger and trade superstar forward Anthony Davis, all eyes will be on Los Angeles and their multitude of assets.

    On this episode of the LN Pod, host Trevor Lane digs into the situation and examines what has changed since the Lakers’ failed efforts to land Davis prior to the trade deadline last February. Due to the Lakers moving up in the draft and snagging the fourth pick it’s possible that they may be able to hang onto some of their young assets in a deal, like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, or Josh Hart.

    Additionally, we take a look at what a deal could look like and how the salary cap would impact the team’s efforts to build this summer. If they decide to trade for Davis using their cap space to absorb some of his salary what would that leave them to build out the rest of the roster? On the other hand, if they use their cap space chasing free agents, which players would they need to send to New Orleans in order to match Davis’ salary.

    The Lakers will have to navigate trade discussions carefully, and there are sure to be a number of other suitors that will surely be on the market, but if they play their cards right James could have a superstar running mate sooner rather than later.