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    Lakers Trade Deadline Possibilities, Lonzo Ball’s Injury, NBA Trade Talk And More


    The injury bug has mercilessly targeted the Los Angeles Lakers, currently robbing them of LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, and now starting point guard Lonzo Ball. They have already seen games lost to JaVale McGee and Kyle Kuzma as well, and as of this moment have only had a full roster available for 11 games this season.

    Yet, despite these struggles, the Lakers still find themselves in the playoff hunt as the February 7 trade deadline approaches. Given their current situation, should Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka look to make a deal to land another point guard? Yahoo Sports salary cap expert Keith Smith joins Trevor Lane on the LN Podcast to break down Los Angeles’ options in these trying times.

    This year’s trade deadline should provide plenty of drama as a number of teams can talk themselves into -or out of- their status as playoff contenders in both conferences. With that being the case, who will swing for the fences and try to land a win-now piece to put them over the top? Who will sell off assets as they look to build for the future? We dig into what promises to be an intriguing chess match between the NBA’s general managers.

    Plus, what challenges face the Lakers at the deadline? Given their goals of having cap space to chase max free agents like Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard in addition to their desire to pursue a trade for Anthony Davis it won’t be easy to find a trade that brings in immediate help without sacrificing too much.

    All that and more on this packed episode of the LN Podcast.