Holding Court

    Lakers vs Heat, Nique, and all that Jazz|Holding Court with Dee4Three Episode 6|Andrew Begley


    Holding Court with Dee4Three Episode 6

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    I introduce my special guest, Andrew Begley!


    I discuss the agenda for the show, including Heat vs Lakers predictions, the media circus surround the series, Dominique Wilkins being snubbed from the NBA top 50, and our mailbag and worst twitter takes of the week segments


    Andrew and I discuss the media circus around the series, including a good portion of the media choosing the Heat to win.


    We make our predictions on who will win the series, and why.


    Classic feature series: We switch gears to talk about Dominique Wilkins, who was snubbed from not only the 2017 NBA Top 50 remix which was released by the Undefeated, but also the 1996 list. We talk about why he is a top 50 player in NBA history.


    Mailbag: Thunder Shaq on Twitter asks who we thought would be a star in the NBA that didn’t end up panning out.


    Mailbag: “Thunder” on Twitter asks which finals matchup we would have liked to see that didn’t happen over the last 20 years.


    Worst Twitter Takes of The Week: Samori Benjamin on Twitter states that Jeff Hornacek being an all-star in Jordans era says a lot about that era, and says Stockton would not only not be an all-star today, but wouldn’t be able to cut it in the league. I list some all-stars that were questionable over the last 17 years, while also explaining why Hornacek would be even better today. We also talk about Stockton and what made him so great.


    Worst Twitter Takes of The Week: Colin Cowherd stated that prime Michael Jordan wouldn’t be able to lead this Lakers team to the finals….. and we state why this take makes no sense.


    I close the show.. thank you for tuning in!