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    LAZY BORK LAZER or LIL JON HATES SOUP (Wrestling Soup 3/4/18)

    WWE in Chicago for the first time in 20 years. A baseball bat broke Eddie Edwards, face and voicemails.


    Today Mish and Joey are joined by Jon Draper. Brock Lesnar and the road to WrestleMania. The boys also take your calls. Make sure to visit the website wrestlingsoup.com to leave them a voicemail. Don’t forget to vote for the 2016 -2017 Soupies https://t.co/kII5UBbT3h?amp=1

    Brock debuts in Chicago for the first time in his career.

    Welcome to “Dicky Spots & Flippy Fake Fake” the unofficial name of the Sunday show. The big buzz this week is about Brock vs. Kane in a house show at the United Center. This is the first time WWE has been “in” Chicago since 1994, people not familiar with Allstate Arena do not realize that it’s in Rosemont. Fun fact CM Punk never wrestled for WWE in the city of Chicago. Brock and Kane’s match lasted only 35 seconds (3:30). Is Brock phoning it in because he doesn’t care or was this for a storyline to make the Big Dog Roman Reigns look better?

    Empty seats could be the new trend at Wrestlemania.

    How many WrestleMania seats are still available? Is it far too expensive for you? (9:30) How many seats do you think are left in the blue collar section? Do these large shows such as Wrestlemania and Wrestle-Kingdom going 5 to 6 hours (19:30). Would The Soup go back and review some retro WWE and WCW? (Hans 23:20).

    Jon Draper joins the show (32:06.) We will be docking you one day pay and it will be filed in your permanent record. Jon touches on Sammy Callahan’s spot hitting Eddie Edwards in the face with a baseball bat (37:00.)

    Eddie Edwards almost loses an eye due to a stupid spot with a baseball bat.

    What did this accomplish? Will you be tuning into TNA now? Joey tells us a story about how Lil Jon hates Wrestling Soup (46:41). He just doesn’t respect our art. I am not sure at all what was said my goodness (Booker T 50:39).

    Make sure you donate to the Patreon, unfortunately, his audio cut out (Dr. Delicious 52:35). With Vince being a control freak does someone watch after the foreign announcers (Lee 53:39). Then somehow we get into plastic surgery. Why do people retweet gruesome and dumb things? (Robbie Richmond 67:06) Does Vince have Alzheimer’s? Is the current Wrestlemania card really lackluster? (Kyle Strieg 82:31)

    What was your most memorable Wrestlemania match? Are they going to start treating Dolph Ziggler better now that they are allegedly paying him a lot of money? (Dorian 86:35) Why do I pay for the WWE network when I can be watching promotions I like? (Nassty Leroy 94:15) Ask Joey a question about getting teeth pulled (Alan 102:07).

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