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    LeBron James Rumored To Have Contacted Butler & Kawhi As Lakers Free Agency Approaches


    The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off a disappointing 2018-2019 campaign but the offseason will provide plenty of opportunities to set things right. The draft is just a few weeks away and with a major asset like the fourth overall pick in their pocket the Lakers will certainly be the team to watch. Adding a rookie may not appease LeBron James, who needs to win now as he approaches 35 years old.

    Fortunately, the team has plenty of cap space to spend this summer and a number of top-tier targets on the free agent market. Even better, rumor has it that James is already getting in touch with Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard, both of whom would offer a major boost to the Lakers’ lineup next season.

    On this episode of the LN News Feed, host Trevor Lane breaks down the rumor and why James being involved at this early stage is a good thing for a Lakers organization that has dealt with more than their fair share of drama recently. But will James’ campaigning be enough to land another star in Los Angeles?

    Plus, how does one player reaching out to another pertain to the NBA’s tampering policy? With the Lakers already under the magnifying glass as the NBA keeps a close eye on them and their recruitment efforts, will they find themselves in hot water yet again?

    All that and plenty more as we discuss what’s sure to be an exciting offseason for the Lakers.