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    LeBron vs Knicks + Is Kyrie playing MVP basketball? – Terrific Talk Podcast

    Casey Stern looks at LeBron's trip to NY, and explains why he thinks Kyrie is the current front runner for MVP.


    Fox News’ Tom Anderson is back with his popular interview series on CLNS. Today, he interviews New York native, Casey Stern.

    Stern and Anderson look back on Casey’s career and talks about what drives him. They also breakdown LeBron getting bullied in NY, and explains why Kyrie Irving is the front runner for MVP two months into regular season.


    • 2:00 Why Become a Sportscaster?
    • 3:20 Entertaining and Making an Impact
    • 4:15 ESPN “Dream Job” Contestant
    • 6:30 Work Life vs Family Life
    • 8:30 Working with Pedro Martinez
    • 10:15 Earning Respect from Hall of Famers
    • 12:00 LeBron vs Knicks
    • 15:10 Kyrie Irving for MVP