Letting Lose On The Weekends (Podcast)


    Everyone deserves to relax

    After a long week, it’s appropriate to relax right? Well DJ and Pete like to relax by going to bars. It’s just a casual thing, they aren’t alcoholics (or are they?). Nothing wrong with letting lose and enjoying life right? Either way , the guys give their reasons for why everything is all good with them.

    DJ’s Nightmare

    Yes, DJ did have a nightmare. It involved a movie theater and that is all you’re getting from this. If you want to know all about this horrific experience, you will have to listen to the podcast. No spoilers here!

    Mama Mia 2.0

    OK, are we the only ones confused about why there is a second Mama Mia coming out right? The guys discuss why this is happening, but in order to do that they had to re-watch the first Mama Mia again. Well it seems like they are still pretty confused so we will just let that one go. Also apparently there is such a thing as performance enhancing underwear and Pete likes to wear it. Maybe a little too much information but now you know.

    Hollywood Couple Aleart

    Are Lorde and Jack Antonoff a thing?! You remember Jack Antonoff right? We was the lead singer for Bleachers and lead guitar player for Fun. Lorde claims they aren’t dating but there definitely is something there. An indie rock match made in heaven, right? Fingers crossed that it’s real.

    Father John Misty is back

    I know you probably were worried sick, but Father John Misty is finally back. He is planning a tour and this does not sit well with the guys.

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