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    LIL ZO or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/11/18)

    Lil Zo is going on tour


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    • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eats little children but only up to ten
    • Increasing or decreasing the amount of time on the wrestling soup voicemail
    • Enzo will be doing stand up with his concert sets
    • PLease someone send audio of Enzo’s show to the Soup follow the links above to follow them on twitter
    • Enzo Concert schedule November 19th in West Hollywood
    • Big Cazz has BIG MAN TITS
    • What happens to certain people aka What happened to Sandow?
    • Why has Enzo done nothing to his accuser?
    • Enzo concert ticket prices which is FREE
    • The guy who booked a tour for himself that doesn’t have a band.
    • What happens when Saudi Arabia realizes what happens there doesn’t matter (Pierce 41:41)
    • Sad moments with Nikki Bella (55:36)
    • Joey just please drop an N bomb (Reggis 60:43)
    • CM Punk is coming to his town and Bobby Malcom is making his debut (Ravishing Dick Roode 63:00)
    • CM Punk getting shit on by Joe Rogan
    • DT is more like Wrestling Soup and Solomonster Sounds off and Wrestling Soup is more like the Joe Rogan show
    • The Patriots’ defense is awful