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    [LIVE] Garden Report: Celtics in London; Sixers implosion & more (podcast version)

    The Garden Report(ers) are adding some new segments to their game and non-game coverage...


    Before presenting today’s show, I’m pleased to inform you of  some changes to the Garden Report. In addition to our segments shot on the famed parquet floor at TD Garden, we will also be adding a LIVE element. Immediately following the post-game pressers (always available on CLNS Media), Trags and Josue will hit the parquet to provide an instant reaction recap, shot in HD and live fed over the CLNS YouTube channel.

    Additionally, in the off-season, and when the Boston Celtics hit the road for extended trips we are not traveling on, we intend to film live vidcasts to our YouTube channel and occasionally CelticsBlog. This longer format, in a chill environment, allows our viewers to see a more relaxed side of your favorite CLNS reporters.

    You may be asking yourself, “so, where is the video?”

    Well, here’s the best part, you will now be able to check us out in a variety of ways. The full length version will be released as an audio podcast for those that would prefer to tune-in while on-the-go. As you may know, CLNS Media was founded on audio productions. It’s only fitting that our “flagship” production have it’s own pod. The full length version will be available on iTunes, Stitcher and CLNS. We hope you’ll subscribe to the audio version on your favorite pod catcher.

    Finally, following filming, our production team will be tearing apart the full length version and creating a stream of short-form video segments, released throughout the days following.

    So, I hope you enjoy the audio version and we look forward to bringing you several fun video segments over the next few days.

    Of course, we’ll be back at Boston Garden on Tuesday night vs the New Orleans Pelicans.