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    THE LONG ROAD TO MANIA IS UP (Wrestling Soup 4/5/18)

    Today Mish and Joey are joined by Jon Draper. THE LONG ROAD TO MANIA IS UP (Wrestling Soup 4/5/18) begins.


    Today Mish and Joey are joined by Jon Draper. Today the boy talk about the YouTube shooter, Cody Rhodes, and his twitter interactions and give you there Wrestlemania and NXT Takeover predictions. Don’t forget to check out our sponsor fourhims.com and help support Wrestling Soup. Wrestling Soup customer get a trial month for five dollars fourhims.com/wrestlingsoup for your trial. Visit wrestlingsoup.com and leave a voicemail. Make sure you follow us on twitter @wrestleingsoup @joenumbas @iamjondraper.

    The boys start out by talking about the YouTube shooter. Did you think it was gonna be this vegan women or an “Alex Jones lizard people” type? Do you remember the sleazy guy who would give guys advice on how to meet women on YouTube who ended up driving around shooting? Indy show going on this weekend and WWN Live crashes their servers (13:14.) Wrestlemania is finally upon us and it looks like WWE might actually sell this show out (14:36.) Looking at WWE website lowest ticket prices are listed at $347. If you are at the show please tweet @iamjondraper for prices of items such as beer, hotdog, and t-shirts. WWE has been giving away tickets. The entire Wrestlemania card is booked to look awful (23:47.) How many non-gimmick matches are there not enough to hold Mish’s interest. Has there been a proper build to any of these matches? Jeff Jarrett as the new Smackdown general manager (34:30.) The Undertaker’s return happening or not (38:45.) John Cena is leaving for a year for his movie career. Who is the best actor after the Rock (50:45.) Triple H’s insecurities (59:44.) Joseph E. Numbers run in with Cody Rhodes (73:00.) Asuka and Miz victorious in the Mixed Match Challenge (100:01.) Mike and Maria’s baby is born (101:53.) New NXT North American Title design (103:01.) Does anyone have faith in Ronda Rousey’s wrestling ability (110:10.) NXT Takeover New Orleans predictions (120:34.) Wrestlemania predictions (136:24.)

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