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    Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 84: Panic Time For the Celtics? | Could the Patriots Beat the Rams or the Saints in the Super Bowl?


    A little late this week because technology STINKS. But the Loose Change Podcast episode 84 has DROPPED with Jared Scali and Nick Quaglia produced by Patty Schofield.

    We had one hell of a show and had some big-time Boston sports topics to hit.

    What the hell is going on with the Celtics? At the time of recording they were sliding, and now that I’m posting this they’re ROUGH. Losing to teams that they have no business losing too like the Mavs and Knicks. What do they need to change? Do some guys need to be sent packing? Is Kyrie Irving strong enough of a leader to bring this team to its potential?

    Moving to football, the Rams and the Chiefs had one of the highest scoring games that the NFL has ever seen with a final score of 54-51. While it was wicked fun to watch, are games like these going to kill the league?

    The Patriots lost to the Titans at the time of recording so obviously, we need start panicking, right? If this team were to find its way into the Super Bowl, would it stand a chance against the dominant teams in the NFC such as the Rams or Saints? Any remote chance?

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