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    Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 86 Ft. Evan Lazar of CLNS Media | Kareem Hunt | Urban Meyer | Aaron Rodgers Problems


    Another week of the Patriots being the hot topic in New England. Josh McDaniels is STILL being rumored to be heading to Green Bay. How legit are these rumors? Rob Gronkowski is looking… weak. Will this be his last season? And the Patriots defense last week looked so good. But is that the real Patriots defense? We ask all of these questions to Patriots beat reporter, Evan Lazar.

    After we’re done with our fire interview with Evan, Jared and Nick get into some topics outside of Boston.

    Nick is DONE with Packers fans not giving Aaron Rodgers any grief. Are we serious, now? How does this guy never get any negative feedback? The guy has had some awful games and we’re just going to ignore it?

    Kareem Hunt got himself into some controversy so we had to do some reacting. Is this guy ever going to play in the NFL again?

    And Urban Meyer has announced his “retirement” from not only Ohio State, but from football. But, yeah, there’s not a shot in hell that this guy’s done coaching football.

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    Nick Quaglia

    Nick Quaglia is a Content Coordinator at the CLNS Media Network. Nick has been with the network since 2016 managing the Boston Red Sox Newsfeed and providing written contributions and on-scene coverage on the Red Sox and New England Patriots. Nick is a graduate of Framingham State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. He is the CEO of Couch Guy Sports. Twitter: @NickQuag