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    What to Make of Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis Rumors

    Anyone else feeling a little on edge?


    Kyrie is officially adding fuel to the media frenzy. The buzz around him and Anthony Davis for the past week has leap-frogged the Super Bowl. When will it all stop? Actually, it will probably stop after the trade deadline. But until then be ready to hear more about how flighty Irving is and how Davis ONLY wants to go to Los Angeles.

    Tom Westerholm of MassLive joins this week’s Celtics Beat fresh off of Irving’s press conference at Madison Square Garden. A lot of the media took quotes out of context to blow up the internet. But it seems like if you look at everything all together Kyrie doesn’t seem like a guy that’s ready to bail on the Celtics just yet. Sometimes you have to take quotes in context. This is one of those times. The most noteworthy part of his press conference revolved around how Boston is still in the driver’s seat in the summer. Yet it does not seem to be enough for most fans.

    Furthermore how does Irving’s mixed messages impact the Celtics pursuit of Anthony Davis? Both Tom and Evan agree that Boston landing Davis would lock-up both guys for the long haul. Davis and Irving want a stable, winning culture and want to make a lot of money while they do it. They can accomplish all three of these in Beantown. What does the Celtics best package look like? Is it really feasible that the C’s can trade for Davis without using Tatum? Why is Evan so adamant about holding on to Marcus Smart?

    Finally the duo wraps up the podcast with a discussion about Jaylen Brown’s recent surge. What has changed for the Celtics’ third-year wing over the past few games?

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    2:33 Is the gossip more fun than the games?

    7:27 What to make of Kyrie’s comments in New York

    21:20 Davis isn’t going anywhere until the offseason

    32:47 Jaylen Brown’s confidence is growing again