What to Make of the Latest Details from the NCAA Trial

    Jeff Goodman summons an old friend Matt Norlander to discuss what's happening inside the courtroom


    There has been a microscope lingering over the NCAA Basketball world for almost an entire year. And there’s only one man left on the beat on a regular basis (okay, not really but go with it):

    Matt Norlander.

    And because Norlander is one of the few remaining on the beat Jeff had to have his old friend back on the show. This scandal is still one of the hottest topics surrounding the college basketball scene. Moreover, this scandal is more impactful than players transferring and getting ready for the draft.

    Where are All the Big NCAA Coaches

    It’s interesting, not only to me, that none of the big names involved in this scandal are not actually in the court room. Sean Miller is nowhere to be found. Will Wade had to leave school just in time for the NCAA Tournament, but he hasn’t donned the stand. You would think if certain names were involved with this scandal, allegedly having knowledge of paying certain players, those names would end up getting questioned.

    However, Wade and Miller are not around, which feels a little strange to me. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend I fully understand how our modern-day court system works. I don’t. That’s why you pay lawyers to do what they do.

    Moreover in Miller’s case it feels like he was somewhat aware of what’s going on. And with that should come some proper punishment. Both Norlander and Goodman go back-and-forth over what type of punishment fits the crime and why Miller should be elated that no judgement has come down yet.

    Which NBA Prospects Should Return to NCAA

    Finally this episode of Good ‘N Plenty podcast revolves around the giant list of names that declared for the NBA Draft. There are only 60 draft spots. There are more than 60 names that declared so far. Which players NEED to come back to school? Listen to Matt and Jeff discuss it late in the pod.

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    5:33 What is it like being one of the few people left on the trial beat?

    22:00 Why weren’t the big coaches at the trial?

    26:51 What’s to become of Sean Miller?

    36:25 Did Book Richardson make up his clout?

    48:05 Why declare for the NBA early?