What to Make of the Recent Rule Changes in NCAA Basketball

    Jeff Goodman welcomes JD Collins onto the podcast to discuss new rules and gambling


    NCAA basketball has gone through a small face lift recently with some rule changes. Rebounders can no longer “hook and hold”, the three point shot was moved back, and the shot clock is now six seconds shorter.

    Personally, I LOVE that the shot clock is shorter. Full disclosure: I enjoy the NBA more than college basketball. The old college shot clock drove me nuts. Making the game faster and speeding up possessions is a good thing. Fans want more scoring, more offense. This helps that. Also, it helps college players get acclimated to the professional game a little easier.

    In addition to shortening the clock college moved back the three-point line. Another plus that helps players get ready for playing at the next level.

    However, the big one that Jeff Goodman had a problem with is the new regulations against the “hook-and-hold” play. You can no longer “hook” an opposing player with your arm to help position yourself for rebounding. If accused of it that player is issued a flagrant foul. The referees go to the monitor to review how egregious the foul truly is.

    The ultimate idea is to protect player safety. You don’t want a player, like Isaac Haas, to get hurt going for a rebound because that player got caught up in “hook-and-hold”.

    Take a listen to the show to understand the how the new rule changes went and how the NCAA is going to handle legalized sports gambling.

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    3:24 Why isn’t there one assigner for games?

    13:52 When’s the last time you heard a fan go out of their way to praise an official?

    22:30 Any calls keep you up at night?

    30:58 How does the transition from the old guard to the new happen?

    33:14 New rule changes

    45:00 Gambling in college sports

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