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    Max’s Most Embarrassing Moments: Cornbread’s Most Hilarious Moments

    Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon are back at it and this time, you may just lose your mind laughing...


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    In today’s episode, Cornbread will have you rolling. In between hoops talk, we’ve been squeezing in the classic moments that make Cedric Maxwell simply, Max… Max Moments.

    Today, Josue and Max go a step further as the legendary Celtics’ broadcaster gives you his most embarrassing (hilarious) moments of all-time (Max-time).


    Max challenges listeners to send in their most embarrassing moments and, if they beat out his tax cab story (lol), he’ll bring you on as a guest to relive your most embarrassing moment. You can send your moments to info@clnsmedia.com. Put in the subject area: MAX MOMENTS



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