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    Meet Missy Elliott’s Secret Weapons


    Day 1 Radio is back with another episode that lives up to its name. Rapper and producer duo Michael Aristotle and Wili Hendrix just put some points on the board by producing and writing on Missy Elliot’s “Iconology” album. But they have a story and history before that major accomplishment. Take a listen to this journey of how two guys from the Eastside of Atlanta wound up working with a legendary artist and what the future has in store for them.
    2:00 “It happens randomly”: Michael and Wili talk about how they hooked up with Missy Elliot and wound up earning writing and producing credits on Missy’s first album in more than 10 years. They stayed in the studio with her for almost a year and admit that they actually have more songs in the stash. They also reveal how the creative process goes working with a legend.

    8:30 – Wili and Michael get into their history working together. They went to school together and wound up recording after Wili got some equipment from legendary producer Zaytoven who lived in his neighborhood. They also wound up working under the tutelage of R&B group Silk and iconic producer/artist Teddy Riley.

    15:30 -Wili and Michael explain how even though they’ve been making music for years, they feel that this year is their official start.

    19:00 – Here the discussion turns to how they would describe their sound, especially in a time where producers aim to brand themselves.

    26:30 – Michael talks about his upcoming project “Almost There” that he plans on dropping now that they are finished working on Missy’s music.

    34:00 – Wili and Michael open up about being a part of the Atlanta music community that often gets labeled as one thing aka “not rapping.” They contest that lyrical artists never stopped coming out of Atlanta.
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