Movie theater problems solved (Podcast)


    It’s Monday and the guys are pissed

    Well DJ and Pete are pissed because of what Light, Camera, Podcast said something terrible. This starts some serious issues that they have and they are totally in the right. If you want to know why they are mad at them, then you need to listen to the podcast.

    The movie ‘Blockers’ comes out and the guys trashed it as it should have been. They discuss that the bar was set so low, but the movie somehow goes even lower than what the bar sets. That’s just sad. The movie was trashed more than ‘House’. Now that says something. The guys discuss how they both agree that it stunk. Meanwhile Light, Camera, Podcast says something about the movie that is very absurd. Seriously, you’ll want to hear this.

    Now about a good movie. ‘A Quiet Place’ came out and the guys love it. John Krasinski (yes, the guy from ‘The Office’, before anyone asks) directed and acted in it with his wife Emily Blunt. This movie received great reviews and people loved it. Well DJ and Pete are no exception because they really enjoyed it. What’s the difference between Salami and Pepperoni? Anyone know?

    The movie theaters have an issue and the bad boys are ready to solve it. Granted it’s great how the theaters leave plenty of room and great sight line, but there are issues. The issue is how bad movie theater etiquette has gotten over the years. The solution? On each side of the chair, there will be a map of the seating chart. Then you can press the seat that someone is talking in and dim lights will come out from the chair and a sign that says “Quiet, please”. DJ has some great ideas but maybe Pete one ups him. Listen in to find out.