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    Murphy Discusses Drug Abuse, MMA Career

    This week, Mixed Martial Artist Lauren Murphy joins comedian Adam Hunter on another addition of MMA Roasted!


    This week, Mixed Martial Artist Lauren Murphy joins comedian Adam Hunter on another addition of MMA Roasted! Murphy currently fights in the bantamweight division of UFC and is a past Invicta FC Bantamweight Champion.

    Murphy, along with her husband Joe, goes into detail about how she invited hunter to go watch a sparring match, and Hunter talks about being completely shocked at how the event unfolded. Then the Alaskan native talks about how her father passed away in a plane crash and how she dealt with that as a child. The relationship between her and her mom, who was a heavy drinker, was impacted by this tragedy. With her mom’s drinking problem and with her father’s death, her everyday life as a middle school child was changed forever.

    Murphy also details her past drug addiction, which started in high school. At 15 years old, and as one of the best students in her class, she started smoking marijuana, which then turned into doing cocaine and ecstasy. Murphy needed rehab stints, but soon was pregnant with a baby boy, Max. She attempted to end her drug use at first, but at 17 years old and after her son was born, she continued to do drugs, which caused her to enter rehab.

    After becoming sober, she promised her son they would attend a jujutsu class and try it together. She soon fell in love with the craft and soon said, “I want to come back here everyday.” After that day, she was obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts.

    Murphy also talks about starting her career as a firefighter and how that helped her transition back into MMA.

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