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    Mychal Thompson: Top 5 NBA today and Would Showtime Lakers beat ’17 Warriors


    Showtime with Coop: Mychal Thompson

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    Coop is joined by Mychael Thompson, who won two championships with the Showtime Lakers. Thompson discusses his upbringing in the Bahamas, the top 5 players in the NBA today, a better competitor than MJ and an update on his son Klay’s rehab.

    8:35-9:40 – Introducing Mychal Thompson to the listeners


    9:41-10:30 – Growing up in the Bahamas as Black Gilligan


    10:31-11:55 – First love was soccer as a youth, love of sports other than basketball


    11:56-13:15 – Getting involved with basketball, 61 rebound game, 22 blocked shots in a game, playing in the church league


    13:16-15:12 – Why does he spell his name the way he does, sweet bells nickname 


    15:13-17:36 – How did he find his way to Minnesota for college 


    17:37-18:30 – Kevin Mchale joining Thompson during his time at Minnesota


    18:31-19:46 – Mychal Thompsons aspirations to be the minister of the Bahamas 


    19:47-20:31 – What is the best dish to eat in the Bahamas?


    20:32-22:07 – 1978, first foreign player drafted to the NBA by the Blazers. How did he feel about that?


    22:08-23:23 – How he felt about having to fill big shoes going into Portland (Bill Walton had led Portland to a title)


    23:24-23:58 – Playing for Coach Ramsey…similar to Pat Riley?


    24:00-25:47 – Favorite teammate to play with in Portland and Los Angeles


    25:48-26:49 – Thoughts on joining the showtime Lakers


    26:50-29:11 – Jerry West being the greatest executive in sports


    29:12-32:53 – Lightning round 

    31:32-32:00 -Ali specific portion of lightning round


    32:54-37:43 – Thompson as a boxing fan and talking boxing with the rest of his Lakers teammates back in the day, great fights in boxing history, great competitors in the boxing world, top five fighters all time


    37:55-38:21- Where did Thompson’s love of boxing come from, growing up as a lakers fan


    38:22-39:23 – How much did approach to the game change when going to the showtime Lakers


    39:24-40:18 – What Thompson like’s about todays game as compared to when he played 


    40:20-41:46 – European guys who came over to the NBA with the ability to knock down shots from deep


    41:48-42:23 – Thompson’s five best players in the NBA today


    42:24-45:31 – Could the 80s Lakers beat the peak Warriors team from this generation? The progression of a jump-shooting team like Golden State to win a title, three greatest shooters even on a team


    45:32-45:53 – Will we have a season return this year?


    45:54-46:44  – How would you run a return to play?


    46:45-47:20 – Who wins the NBA Championship this year, Clippers or Lakers?


    47:21-48:03 – Who comes out of the Eastern Conference?


    48:04-48:40 – Top three European players in todays NBA?


    48:41-48:57 – How his Klay Thompson’s rehab going?


    48:58-50:30 – Thoughts on the passing of Kobe Bryant


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