Boston Celtics Post-GameNBA

    NATIONAL TV POST GAME: CELTICS vs Rockets (Mar. 3)

    Rockets have only lost once this yr with Harden/Paul/Capela. Rubino + McCloud take over the Post Game Show 11-whenever as Cs get a shot at them.


    POST GAME: Boston Celtics (44-19) vs. Houston Rockets (48-13) 8:30 pm ET tip-off, Toyota Center, Houston, TX.

    The game everybody’s going to be talking about on Sunday. James Harden off the ankle-breaker heard around the world, Kyrie Irving on his biggest tear of the season with the Celtics standing undefeated since the all-star break. These two played a game decided by two Marcus Smart charge takes in the final seconds and an Al Horford game-winner, but Chris Paul didn’t play and he’s back now. Houston, Boston, 8:30 on ABC.

    Taylor McCloud, Andrew Rubino host at 11-whenever tonight LIVE taking your calls all night long.

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