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    NBA Finals PREDICTIONS, Celtics lose to Heat and Trump-Biden Debate Disaster (Dome Theory)

    A rough finish to the season for the Celtics and a worse debate night for America between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.


    Justin Poulin of Celtics Stuff Live appeared on Dome Theory Podcast to catch up with Bobby Manning and recap the Celtics loss to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. What fundamental flaws with the team popped up, and how will the Celtics address them going forward? How did Justin, who covered Doc Rivers during his title year with the Celtics, react to the Clippers firing him?

    Then, Bobby brings in friends Lindo Zay and Rocco Cimino to discuss the disastrous first 2020 Election debate, which featured Donald Trump bulldozing through Chris Wallace, calling for poll-watching and whistling white supremacists again. How did Joe Biden handle the heat?

    0:00 Celtics lose to Heat
    47:26 NBA Finals previews
    56:24 Biden-Trump Debate recap