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    New England Patriots Cornerback: Joejuan Williams


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    On this episode of BosBabes, host Brittany Baldi gets details into New England Patriots cornerback — Joejuan Williams life.


    Joejuan dishes details on growing up in Nashville Tennessee and how his mother helped him with his tackling drills!


    Joejuan also chats about his 2019 draft day when Patriots Superbowl Champion Donta’ Hightower called his name– he was very excited!! 


    What was it like for Joejuan to play college football at Vanderbilt? What is it like playing under Coach Belichick and having Cam Newton as a quarterback?


    Joejuan is also hosting his first ever charity event in Boston called -Games For Good – and it is to benefit Boston Medical Center.


    All of this and much more! Tune in for a fantastic lifestyle sports episode featuring a young driven athlete that rose to the top with lots of hard work!



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